I want to raise my children right.  Are kids allowed in to watch Manchester United?

Congratulations on being a truly admirable parent!  And, YES! Underage Reds are welcome to attend matches at Fado Irish Pub as long as they're accompanied by a parent or guardian.   Be advised, a lot of terrace chants are sung, and a lot of, um... "advice"... is offered to the players and manager during matches - language in general can be a little salty.  Informational, but salty. 
YES.  No matter WHAT day of the week, no matter HOW early the hour FADO WILL BE OPEN to show televised United matches!  Unsure about kickoff times? Subscribe to our FACEBOOK EVENTS or get on our mailing list for match info delivered right to your inbox!

What about early morning matches?

Will the pub REALLY  be open at 6AM?

MUFChicago is an open organization- there is no official membership process.  We do encourage Reds to follow us on Facebook and join our mailing list, which will put you in our secure database and keep you in the know about matchday kickoff times, pub events, and special offers from our sponsors and supporter companies!


How do i join MUFChicago?

Can MUFChicago help me meet a player/talk to the club/get tickets/sell my tickets/get into OT?

Um. NO. Nope. Nuh-uh. Non. Nò. Nein. Ne, na, nann, nee, nē, naï, Nahániri. نهين. Нет. Nem, nennin, não. Neni. Nage. Nej. Jo. Bo. Po. Lo, le, laa. Ez, iié, illaï, ara, aï, aiwa, ʻaole, aïlle, ahneo. Kaore. Kadhu. Déedéet. Ma hoke, ไม่ใช่ , minime te, mba, rara, cha. Phu, pù shi, tidak, thay. Hayir, tsia, hla, ohi, oya. Votch. Xeyir. Yгvй... YouWHAT, mate?  Seriously?!!!

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